10eXPAND is a service provider that's reinventing the way companies expand their presence in the Americas by leveraging our knowledge and ever growing network, 10eXPAND can reduce costs, reduce time spent, and get you up and running in record time


Is your startup ready to go global and expand to the North American territory? It’s a tough decision to make because it can either accelerate your growth or hinder it. It is vital for growing companies to find new customers & business opportunities, and there’s a lot at stake when coming to America. Looking at the big picture, although foreign expansion can be tough, if executed properly it will pay off.

One of the most important parts of taking on an expansion process is hiring the right local talent to help start the company presence in the foreign country, a time consuming and challenging factor. Startups should be on the lookout for people who have been entrepreneurs themselves, who hold that initiative and small-business mindset that can give early-stage companies valuable traction in a new market.
In this scenario, startups aiming to keep their costs down at the expansion process don’t need to hire a full time employee right away to successfully expand a local workforce. Without the need for outsourcing, new employees can be hired on a part time basis or on specific contracts. But how does your first hire look like and how do you ensure that it will be the right choice?

This is where 10eXPAND comes into play.

10eXpand is a service provider that’s reinventing the way companies can expand their presence in the Americas. Whether you are a company that wants to expand to the US Market, a company that is currently in the US and wants to grow, or a person with an idea and a dream, 10eXpand can help. Using our combined decades of knowledge and our ever growing network, 10eXpand can reduce costs by as much as 50%, reduce hire time by up to 80%, and help you be up and running in record time.


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